“I will build my Church”

    In 1877 Bishop Ryle wrote: “The Lord Jesus Christ declares, ‘I will build My Church’….Ministers may preach, and writers may write, but the Lord Jesus Christ alone can build. And except He builds, the work stands still….Sometimes the work goes on fast, and sometimes it goes on slowly. Man is frequently impatient, and thinks that nothing is doing. But man’s time is not God’s time. A thousand years in His sight are but as a single day. The great builder makes no mistakes. He knows what He is doing. He sees the end from the beginning. He works by a perfect, unalterable and certain plan.” [J.C. Ryle ‘The True Church’ in Warnings to the Churches, 1877, pp13-14].


    Wy don’t churches grow? Why do the churches that do grow seem to get all of their growth from “sheep stealing”? Many modern day evangelical pastors think they are “building the church”, but most often they are merely preaching on Sunday and the people check off their weekly “heaven card” that they “went to church”. Are churches being the Body of Christ? Are they concerned with one another? Do they bear one another’s burdens? After 17 years as a Christian the biggest disappointment that I have had is that the church is not being the Body of Christ.  If the pastor or his family is in any trouble the church will rally and help and everyone will rejoice, but when others are in trouble the church is not there. When we truly “love one another” and not just love the pastor who preaches a Sunday message, then maybe people will take notice.




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