The University of Galatia (GalatiaU) is an Evangelism Training and Discipleship Ministry. It is a place where believers in Jesus Christ learn how to share their faith in a more effective way and be encouraged by the testimonies of others who are active in sharing their faith. Galatia U is a work in progress. Right now I am posting evangelism updates, Bible commentary “As You Go” from John Bak, “The Cleansing Word” from pastor John Pennell of CCLV, “Possessing the Treasure” from Mike Ratliff, and various assorted tidbits that I come up with. I want to keep people informed as to what I am doing and also to share prayer requests for people I have shared the gospel with. I covet your prayers. I know that I desperately need the rest of the body of Christ to work with me for me to be as effective as possible.

    The vision of GalatiaU is to eventually have an actual training center (what churches should be) that trains leaders how to go and train Christians in the churches to share the gospel and make disciples. Don’t we have these already? Yes, there are missionary training centers, Bible colleges, and Seminaries. Many men and women are graduating from these places looking for “careers” in Christian Ministry. But are they producing fearless evangelists? Some are, but clearly many are not. In the meantime I am trying to get into the financial position where I can go into churches and help pastors train the people. If this is something you think is important then I ask you to join me.

    The mission of GalatiaU is to Glorify God by making disciples who are also able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples as well. Spiritual children begetting spiritual children. If a Christian never has any spiritual grandchildren has he really ever made any disciples? This is accomplished by helping pastors, churches, para-church ministries, Christian schools and organizations, and individuals to teach, train, and equip their people how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ effectively. 

If you are interested in supporting this ministry in any way please feel free to contact me artnewvo@comcast.net.

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